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Become a driving Instructor

become a driving instructor and teach people like this You can not beat the feeling when someone that has never driven before passes their driving test, first time and you were the one that helped them achieve that goal, there is nothing like it!

Driving instruction is such a rewarding job, now more than ever people need to be able to drive, it could be that a driving licence will help them get that new job, it could be that they want the extra freedom that comes from driving or it might be because they want to be able to take the kids out to new and exciting places at the weekends and holidays.

No matter what the reason is, people choose to learn to drive everyday, so if you would like to have the satisfaction of helping someone achieve their goal of getting a driving licence read on.

So you want to become a driving instructor.

Able2pass is not only one of the South’s leading driving schools for learner drivers we also teach people like you to become a driving instructor.

Training to become a driving instructor is something you can do in an intense period of time or you can do your training around your current job, we offer flexable programmes to allow you to train at times that suit you.

Training to become a driving instructor has three parts, below we will give a brief overview of the three parts click on the links for more information.

Part 1

As with learner drivers, training to become a driving instructor you will need to pass a theory and hazard perception test, the difference here is that for the multiple choice part there are 100 questions instead of the learner tests 50 questions, also the both tests have a higher pass mark. Find out more about part 1 here.

Part 2

This part is similar to the learner driving test with the exception that you are only allowed 6 minor fault instead of the 15 minor faults that a learner can have, also with this test of your driving ability you will be required to drive on the motorway and to complete all the manoeuvres instead of just one which is standard with the learner test. Find out more about part 2 here.

Part 3

Finally to become a driving instructor you will need to complete part 3, which is a test of your teaching skills. Part 3 has two phases one teaching someone something new to them and the second building on training that someone already has had in the past. Both phases are completed with the examiner playing the role of the pupil. Find out more about part 3 here.

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