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How to deal with Emergency Vehicles

How to deal with emergency vehicles is one of those things that most people to not understand completely, when you are driving at some point you will see those flashing blue lights in your rear view mirror your first reaction is to move out of their way and this is completely the right thing to do, but how you do it, now thats another question. Continue Reading

Cheaper Driving Licences

Not something I would have expected a year or two ago but cheaper driving licences are here! From today 31st October 2014 buying your first provisional driving licence just got up to 32% cheaper if buying online, it now only costs £34 (£43 if applying by post) which is down from the massive £50 is was before. Continue Reading

How you can apply for your road tax online

So its been 17 days since the death of the tax disc, over the next 12 months more and more cars will lose that little round disc from their windscreens and while a local police team have come up with an excellent idea to fill that empty space (see more on that here) we still thought it would be helpful to give you a guide on how you can apply for your road tax online. Continue Reading

Do you know about the magic button?

Did you know that on just about every street in the United Kingdom there is a “secret” little button at pedestrian crossings to help people who are visually impaired; either blind or even colour blind and just simply cannot see the lights or the colour of the lights. Continue Reading

Free online theory training for all Able2pass pupils.

You have to pass a theory test as well and there is a fair bit of study needed to achieve that. You could resort to the traditional, paper version of the Highway Code, ploughing through it page by page and trying to learn it as you go along. We at Able2pass think that there is a better way though to study all that you need to know. Continue Reading

Top 10 fuel saving tips!

With fuel prices rising all the times now might be a good time to look at some ways you could save fuel. If you are already driving or you are still learning the points below could same you £££’s Continue Reading

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