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Getting Started Learning to Drive

Below we have the ultimate getting started learning to drive guide for you keep reading to find out all you need to know about getting started learning to drive.

Learning to drive is most likely something you have been wanting to do for years, either you are just about to turn 17 and are really looking forward to getting behind the wheel or driving is something that has always be that one thing on your todo list, below we give you the key points that you need to know about getting started learning to drive.

So first things first you need to get your provisional driving licence, to apply for this you need to visit the website this is the ONLY place online that you should be applying for your driving licence, it’s a really simple process and once complete you should get your provision within a few weeks.

Next you want to get your first driving lesson booked, to book with us just pop over to our booking page or feel free to give us a call on 03333 44 55 02.

So you have your provisional driving licence and you have now had a few driving lessons, your now going to want to think about the theory test, it is really important that you practice for your theory test far to many people take the test and fail it due to poor preparation. There are loads of online resources available to help you prepare for your theory test, all Able2pass customers get free access to our online system, if you are not yet a customer feel free to give our system a try, you get free access for a limited time just head over now.

When you are ready to book the theory test please, please, please, make sure that you use the official government website to book your theory test, there are several websites out there that will add an administration fee to book your test for you, this is something you really do not need the test is really easy to book just head over to the website using this link.

When you have passed your theory test, and are ready to get you practical test book again make sure that you use the website.

Now what happens on the practical driving test? The test will last for about 40-45 minutes, during the test you will be expected to drive as if you are alone (of course the examiner will be sat next to you), demonstrating that you have developed the skilled need to be granted a full driving licence.

So when you arrive at the driving test centre the examiner will call your name, they will then ask you to read and sign the top of the driving test report this is basically to say that the car you are using is insured and that you meet the requirements to take the driving test. Next the examiner will ask is you would like your driving instructor to join you on the test, this is completely up to you but it is advisable that you discuss this with your instructor before the driving test. Once you are outside the examiner will then check your eye sight, this is done by asking you to read a a number plate from the required distance. Then you will be asked two question from the bank of show me tell me questions (you can find them here), now the  actual driving part of the test can begin during the drive you will asked to complete one manoeuvre and about 10-12 minutes worth of independent driving. At the end of the driving test the examiner will let you know if you have been successful or not, if you pass the examiner will take your provisional licence away and destroy it and arrange to have your full licence sent out to you.

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