imagesThese days it is not enough, when taking a driving test, just to prove that you can actually drive a car.  You have to pass a theory test as well and there is a fair bit of study needed to achieve that.  You could resort to the traditional, paper version of the Highway Code, ploughing through it page by page and trying to learn it as you go along.  We at Able2pass think that there is a better way though to study all that you need to know.  We think the whole driver training process should be more integrated and, to this end, along with our lessons, we offer access to a free online theory test service.

If you click on Able2pass’ website, and register as a full pupil you will find just what you need at, a company that brings together top quality driving instructors and pupils seeking help with the two parts of the tests.  You are probably wondering how all this works, so here is a brief explanation.

To start the process off you need to register.  Creating your own account gives you immediate access to over 2,500 theory questions covering every aspect of learning to drive.  There are also over 100 video clips that portray actual hazards that you might encounter on the road.  You will be able to go through these video clips as if you are actually in the car experiencing them and your performance will be monitored.

As you can imagine such a facility is a tremendous aide to both the pupil and instructor.  The instructor is able to oversee your progress at all times through a variety of media applications, advising you and suggesting improvements throughout the whole learning process.  You will have the opportunity to take mock tests at any time to suit you – ideal preparation for when the time comes to take the actual theory test at the end.

This really is a brilliant learning tool as your instructor monitors your on-going performance with your learning regime constantly evolving as your confidence grows.  We don’t want you to learn the answers parrot fashion – we want you to have an in-depth knowledge of driving theory, thus giving you the very best chance of passing your test first time, and of course being safe on the road.

Everyone understands the need for being proficient behind the wheel but it is equally important to understand the rules and regulations of the road.  This is a mandatory requirement, set by the Driving Standards Agency, and we at Able2pass believe that we have the best facility available to enable you to achieve your goals in the shortest time possible.