With fuel prices rising all the times now might be a good time to look at some ways you could save fuel. If you are already driving or you are still learning the points below could same you £££’s

Check tyre pressures
50 per cent of tyres in the UK are under-inflated, just 2psi below the recommended pressure can increase consumption by 1%. Don’t always trust forecourt gauges as they are often incorrect, buying your own pressure gauge might cost you around £5 but will mean your tyre pressures are always spot on!

Use higher gears
Try and get into the higest gear you can using 5th gear even at lower speeds can improve fuel economy by 20%. Be careful not to labour the engiene through, using the higher gears at the wrong time dose nothing for fuel econocy. Always you the rev counter as a guide.

Close your windows
Having your windows open with you arm hanging out might feel cool but the increased drag will effect the cars aerodynamic’s, costing you fuel…

Turn off the engine
You would be suprised how long you can be waiting at traffic lights or level crossings, turning you engiene off can save you 10% in town driving.

Turn off that air-conditioning
Really?? With the UK weather do you really need it, I mean it’s the end of July and it’s raining. In most cars the air-con system will eat up 5% of fuel. Keep in mind if its a choice between windows and air-con use the air-con….

Drive smoothly
Boy racers listen up!!! Instead of charging between lights and conseantly stoping and starting, try looking ahead and anticipate the lights, the less you use the accelerator the more fuel you will same, drive smart…

Drive more slowly
Ok ok ok I don’t mean driving around everywhere at 20 mph, but try it drive 1-2 mph below the speed limit and using the smooother driving I mentioned above see how much longer it takes to get to your desitnation you might be suprised at how much fuel you save and you might even get to your destination at the same time.

Use cruise control
Ok I know how many driving school cars have cruise control, this one is more for those of you that have already passed, if you have it use it computers are better at keeping to the same speed, then you can spend more time looking ahead planning your journey.

Avoid short journeys
Cold cars, even modern ones have an huge thirst for fuel when cold, remember you mpg will always be lower when driving slower, lower mpg = more fuel being used.

Empty that boot
Ok we are all guilty of it, you pick something up put it in the boot and forget about it! Extra weight means the car will have to work harder which in turn means more fuel used! The same goes for roof racks if you don’t need then take them off and save yourself some cash.